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Brocheuse verticale KARL KLINK 6 tonnes

Brocheuse verticale KARL KLINK 6 tonnes

Marque / Make: Autre marque:
Descriptif machine / Description: 6 Tonnes
Course :
POLYMAT - STHULMANN motaiseuse en tirant

POLYMAT - STHULMANN motaiseuse en tirant

Descriptif machine / Description: Largeur de rainure : 3 à 50 mm
Longueur de coupe : 300 mm
Puissance de coupe : 3 Mp
Force portante : 10 Mp
Pupitre de commande neuf
Brocheuse horizontale MATRIX 10-48

Brocheuse horizontale MATRIX 10-48

Modèle / model: MATRIX 10-48
Descriptif machine / Description: Force de traction maxi : 10 tonnes
Course maxi : 1200 mm
Vitesse maxi de travail : 1,52m/min à 5,8 m/min
Vitesse de retour : 11,58 m/min
Poids net : 3500 kg
Installation electrique neuve

PLI international is specialized in second hand machines tools. We purchase and sell used CNC or conventionnal machine tools by complete plant, production lines or single unit.


Our mission is to be the the ambassador of the second hand machine tool, mainly devoted to the field of gearing in France and abroad.

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Purchase / sale of machine tools

Internet-oriented and internationally, our company offers on its website its stock of machine tools and gear cutters.


New Partnership

PLI International is proud to announce that it now a partner in the Hartford brand (see website here), one of the world reference in terms of machining centers.



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